First Edition Biennale Wynwood

Dates: JUNE 25th to 28th 2020

The sunshine city  hosted this fabulous cultural exhibition in its main Art District named Wynwood.

This art exhibition will follow the CDC and City of Miami recommendations of capacity, distancing and face covering.

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami Florida that dates back to 1917.  At the moment, after over a hundred years, Wynwood is 

known internationally as the top district for art galleries, art centers, murals, graffiti and social life in Miami. 

Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.

 It is the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida in the United States.

Biennale Wynwood first edition took place from June 25th to 28th following

all CDC recommendations of distancing, face covering and limited occupancy


Alejandro Szilagyi

Szilagyi is a contemporary artist from Hungarian family. He was born in 1955 and at an early age went to live in Europe where he studied in Spain and Germany. He lived many years in Baviera, Germany where he founded two Hungarian artistic dance groups. His unique artworks' main materials are wood and metals always using the nature as his main theme. He currently lives in Colombia, and has successfully exhibited his artworks in United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Angelika Kade

Angelika was born and raised in Germany in 1944, now resides with her family in Naples. Based in her traditions and the great art of Europe her mind remains in continuous search for the artistic progress to create extraordinary, sublime, and beautiful sculptures and paintings. She is a member of the National Sculptural Society and several Southwest Florida Art Leagues, including the Art League of Marco Island. Her work has been shown in several exhibits both in Europe and the United States and is appreciated by both private and corporate collectors.

Andrés Celis

Andres represents Costa Rica at Biennale Wynwood. Andrés, is a talented sculptor who was born in 1969. He has been experimenting with color and recycled materials such as wood and metal for several years. He creates sculptures with shapes that represent the movement of the elements in nature. Water, fire and air inspire his original artworks. His colorful sculptures have been exhibited in galleries, art centers and major exhibitions in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, West Palm Beach, Caracas.

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

Benedicte is a French artist, born in 1961. She graduated from L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, living and working in Miami since 2001. Throughout her career, she has been inspired by one simple yet profound observation: That life is extremely fragile, and yet, it is our knowledge of this fact that causes us to constantly move through cycles of building up and tearing down, rising and falling, rejoicing and grieving and then doing it all over again.

Choo Kyung

Ms Choo is a South Korean artist born in 1947. Choo Kyung demonstrates the emotional and spiritual aspect of nature in her artwork. She lives in the mountains near Seoul, running a fine art museum and organic farm. Nature is central in her life. Her brushstrokes and spray paints leave an impression of having actions in themselves, rather than mere static imitation or depictions. Her abstract art is the result of a reflection of her spirit. She has successfully exhibited her artworks in Asia, Europe and US.

Carlos Tirado

Carlos is a contemporary artist born in 1964. From an early age it started within the area of the arts exhibiting their work in many galleries in Venezuela. His artworks combine pigments and resins with surrealism that engages to think about the cosmos and reflect the inner sight of the viewer. Carlos was invited to the Venice Biennale in 1911 and Mérida-Mexico Biennal, among others. He has exhibited his artworks in art centers and galleries all over the world and has private collectors of his work in China, U.S. and South America.


Chirino was born in 1965. His family is originally from Egypt and he was raised and born in Mexico City. He studied architecture in Mexico and then studied Ceramics in Puerto Rico, United States. He combines the knowledge acquired in the architecture career with professional clay techniques, creating impressive original art pieces. Chirino’s artworks were exhibited in the Florence Biennale in Italy in 2009 and has collectors all over the world.

Daniela Bertolini

Daniela is a figurative artist who was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1945. Since very young she felt passion for painting. Daniela studied with the famous painter Bedogni and later on with the art masters and instructors Rafael Polanco and Fidel Santamaria. She exhibited in 1976 at Gallery Saint Germain, along with masters like Cabre, Alcantara, Caicedo, Lopez Mendez, Trompiz, Manaure, Moleiro and Polanco. Her artworks have been successfully exhibited in Asia, America, Europe and South America.

Dora Gabay

Dora was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1960. Dora is a very talented figurative sculptor. She dedicated time to search among her origins and get in touch with her roots to create pieces so alive that make the spectator feel that the pieces are breathing. Her artistic creations are an image of her feelings and experiences. She has exhibited his artwork in Venezuela, United States and Europe.

Eduardo Sanabria

EDO was born in Venezuela, in 1970. His unique caricatures have been published in many newspapers in North and South America. Eduardo studied illustration and was awarded the Gold Pen Prize as the best cartoonist in 2007. He has had many exhibitions of his illustration works in Venezuela, North America, Asia & Europe. He is well-known as the illustrator for personalities and political scenes of his native country.

Erion Cha

Erion is a Korean artist born in 1980. She studied fine arts in US at the San Francisco Art Institute. Erion has successfully exhibited her artworks in Asia, Europe and America. She has developed a series of the Big Prince with over one hundred paintings in pointillism technique. Her pointillism technique is represented in paintings as well as in ceramics with delicate clay balls that compose her sculptures.

Eric Brynolv Wuersten

Eric was born in Switzerland in 1941 and raised in California. His passion for photography started at an early age. Eric was trained as a professional biologist and environmental scientist. His focus continues to capture the beauty of nature in his photographic images of stones and minerals. He currently lives in Spain and has successfully exhibited his geological photography works in Asia, Europe and United States.

Eva Castell

Eva is a talented artist from Argentina born in 1948. Eva studied fine art in her native country Argentina. She meditates on daily basis to connect with her inner side. The visions under deep meditation give her the inspiration to create her mystical paintings in oil. Her unique strokes are characteristic of her paintings. Eva has exhibited her artworks in many art galleries, art centers and museums all over the world. Her artworks represent an enigmatic vision of a world of fields and cosmic areas with the message of unification in humanity. She have won numerous awards as an artist.

Filomena Petrucci

Filomena is an talented artist who was born in Venezuela from Italian parents in 1966. Although she studied Civil Construction Design, she is today a very passionate autodidact artist. The expressionism movement inspires her to put her feelings and emotions in unique abstracts mixed media works. Creativity and sensibility define her original paintings that have received many recognitions. Filomena’s artworks have been exhibited in museums and galleries of Venezuela, Italy and United States.

Gabriel Juarez

Gabriel is a Peruvian artist born in 1955. Graduated in the school of Bellas artes in Lima Peru. In the 90’s he dedicated to Christian art and created “A Dios por el arte” artistic movement from Latino painters in Miami. His passion is the stone sculpture in marble. Gabriel created many masterpieces for private commissions and collectors in the Palm Beach area. In 2006, opens his own gallery in Brickel, and receive his first award, the 1st place in stone sculpture with marble with the masterpiece “Maternity”. He has exhibited in Asia, America and Latin America.

Gustavo Fernandez

Gustavo is a talented contemporary artist born in 1973 from Cuban roots. He graduated from Graphic Design in 1995 in Venezuela, his native country. He is an established artist who has a unique style in representing freedom in art. Gustavo’s strong and vibrant strokes represent abstract freedom with a total balance of color and shapes. He has successfully exhibited his artworks in galleries and art centers in Europe, South America, United States, People Republic of China and South Korea.

Hongmin Ji

Hongmin is a Chinese painter born in Shanghai in 1959. He studied fine arts in People Republic of China and he majored in oil painting. His artworks had been exhibited in museums, art centers, galleries, and fine art exhibitions all over the world. He participated in the 1st Venice International Online Biennial Exhibition. His artworks are defined as surrealistic oil paintings and resemble Asian landscapes in different seasons. Hingmin Ji has a museum in China created to honor his unique artworks and landscape series.

John Angée

John is a strong contemporary artist who uses his life experiences and education as part of his art production. John was born in Colombia in 1958. He incorporates architecture, painting and sculpture to produce monumental pieces of art, made with materials like steel and aluminum, which are strong statements of his impressive talent and his rich cultural background. His work speaks about human issues like education, peace, war, progress, freedom, and many other ideas that are part of John’s cultural and investigative nature.

Jude Papaloko Thegenus

Jude was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1964. He is one of the most visionary Haitian artists today in both the aesthetic and social realms. Jude’s talent cannot be contained in one medium, but seems to flow effortlessly into visual, musical, and spiritual media. Solo and group exhibits have been held in his native Haiti as well as Trinidad, Canada, France, & the U.S. In 2004 Jude established a non-profit organization, Papaloko4Kids, with the mission of empowering the youth from all communities through the arts.

Karen Schulze

Karen was born in Santiago, Chile. She studied in Taboada Art School, Caracas Design Institute in Venezuela and INSEA, Unesco. Her abstract sculptures represent the archetype of the feminine, inspired by the sacredness treatment of women. She combines geometric shapes where the figure is abstracted presenting a correspondence between full and empty spaces. It connotes sensuality and at the same time the strength of the feminine forms without reaching eroticism in her sculptures. She has accomplished an outstanding career in art exhibiting her artwork in South America, United States and Europe.


MaiYap is a contemporary artist born in Panama in 1964 of Chinese parents. Ms. Mai Yap has been able to magically blend East and West on canvas with her series in oil. She holds a bachelor’s in arts in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Georgia in U.S. MaiYap uses only palette knife oil strokes in her work. Her unique oil works has been exhibited in South America, Asia, Europe and U.S. Her work has been referred as “sculptures in oils” because of its thick texture, which range from completely flat to several millimeters thick.

Miguel Aya

Miguel is a Colombian artist born in 1964 in Bogota. He grew up in New York city before making Miami his permanent residence. He holds a fine arts degree from State University of New York. Miguel has an outstanding talent in realistic drawing. He is passionate when drawing nature and animals with pencils, charcoal, and ink. Miguel has successfully exhibited his work in art galleries and centers in United States. He is also passionate about photography arts.

Mario Villarroel Sierraalta

Villarroel is a contemporary artist who was born in 1970 and has a fascination for music as an artistic global expression. At the moment, he lives and works in Spain where he has his artist atelier in Madrid. He specializes in embellished instrumental sculptures. Villarroel creates instrument sculptures in metal which he transforms from its original form to give powerful messages in each of the unique pieces.

Pablo Azar

Pablo was born in Mexico in 1982. He has achieved extraordinary success as an international painter and actor. Since the beginning of his life, Azar showed great affinity for the performing and visual arts, participating in many theaters plays and painting festivals nationwide. Azar has exhibited his artworks art centers, galleries and exhibitions in Asia, US, Europe, Latin America and US. He has a permanent exhibition of his work in the Museum Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico.

Rafael Consuegra

Rafael is an impressive Cuban sculptor born in 1941. He surprises others with his unique vision, insight, and ability to breathe life into metal. His sculptures range in size from small-scale work, suitable to private residences, to monumental public art commissions. Consuegra’s work is represented in both private and public collections internationally; he has a list of accomplishments and commissions an arm long. His artwork has been successfully exhibited in US, Asia, Europe and Latina America.

Reinaldo Torres

Reinaldo was born in 1975. He was raised in Venezuela from Hollandaise family. Since young he had the ability of visualizing music in shapes and colors. He studied at Full Sail University in United States. Reinaldo presents art installations with light, video, and music within an audiovisual environment. His art installations are interactive, and spectators feel an extra sensorial experience when walking through his work.

Sophia Kwak

Sophia is an international photographer born in Seoul Korea in 1967. She is a professor and active member of the Korean photographer association. Her Korean name is Kwak Bo Sun. Her photos are exhibited in Korea under the theme of emotional photography. She takes seascapes photography using the long exposure techniques. Sophia tries to express the beauty of waiting in peace through her work. Long time exposures become a soothing expression of nature in her black and white photography works.

Veronika Beyhaut

Veronika is an international artist born in 1974 Montevideo, Uruguay. She currently lives and works in San Sebastian de Garzón, Uruguay. In her last exhibit "No Borders" she shows pictures of her shadow with nature as the canvas. This series is inspired in mental health, immigration, and spirituality. She studied Art history & Theater in Hunter College, NY and have participated in Performing arts in different venues. She has exhibited her photography and artworks in Europe, South America and U.S.

William Villanueva

William is a contemporary artist born in 1968. He proudly represents Brazil at Biennale Wynwood, the country where he was living until 2019. William studied Fine Arts in United States at Saint Thomas University & Florida International University. He mostly works in big formats with characteristic compositions representing life and its lifestyles. Williams artworks have been successfully exhibited in United States, Brazil & Europe.


Diego Cárdenas

Diego was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994. He attended school in the US and currently attends the MFA in Painting at SCAD. He worked for Campbellsville University as the Creative Developer and did his internship in Paris at Atelier Cruz Diez. He is identified as an urban artist and has painted over a hundred murals up to date. His work has been exhibited in Campbellsville, Miami, New York, Tokyo Shenzhen and Caracas.

Israel Rincon

Israel was born in Mexico in 1983. Israel is a very talented autodidact urban artist who started empirically in the graffiti field. The freedom of spray paint strokes is the inspiration in his creations and mixing different techniques is what makes Israel’s a unique artist. His artwork has been exhibited in museums and art centers in Mexico, South America, Spain and United States.

Max Gutierrez

Max is an American graffiti artist born in 1984. He moved to United States since a very young age and graduated from Felix Varela Senior High School in 2003 in US. His murals and urban paintings are a mixed media between spray paint and paint markers with a passionate color scheme. His artistic urban name is "MERS" in a very dynamic composition form of graffiti letters. Max Gutierrez has exhibited his urban art in United States and works as a graphic designer with his own corporation Racctus Designz.

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by Biennale Wynwood Jury members to:


Alejandro Szilagyi


Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille




Reinaldo Torres


Sophia Kwak


Special Merit Award to Miguel Aya


The 4,500 sq feet  venue was located right next to Graffiti Gardens

on 36th  Street. Only two block west to Midtown Mall



TOOK PLACE JUNE 25th to 28th  2020

This biannual art exhibition took place

in the Wynwood Art District at 145 NW 36 Street

in Miami, Florida - United States. 

The gallery space that served as the venue for the first edition, is located a few blocks from the upscale Design District and has a showroom area of over four thousands square feet.


DAY 1  June 25th- VIP Opening night preview

DAY 2  June 26th- Grand opening & Diplomatic gala

DAY 3 June 27th  - Architects, Designers Encounter

DAY 4 June 28th - Artists and personalities talks

Exhibition  opened Thursday from 7 to 10 pm

Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm, 

Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm