Biennale Wynwood exhibition takes place in response to the need of cultural enrichment in Miami, and to frame the history of the neighborhood and its community's unique experiences. This year 2022 the Biennale Wynwood second edition will take place during fall as a virtual exhibition with an online catalog presentation. 

The exhibition will have the same truism that in-person exhibitions hold with a plus online counterpart with their own unique spin of globalization. The virtual exhibition and online catalog will be available to view on November 16th, 2022. 

Biennale Wynwood second edition takes place in Miami-USA and has twenty-five invited countries represented by established artists from each country. 


Myriam Jawerbaum - ARGENTINA

Gagik Vardanyan - ARMENIA

Luna Rosa -BELGIUM

Roberta Brito - BRAZIL

Miroslava Zapryanova - BULGARIA

Daniel Stanford - CANADA

Billy Monsalve Duffo - COLOMBIA

Odilia Mezquia - CUBA

Xavier Portilla - ECUADOR

Anval – FRANCE

Nerissa Balland - GREECE

James Thegenus - HAITI

Angeline Straatman - HOLLAND

Jose Ruiz - HONDURAS

Antonius Kho - INDONESIA

Nurit Birnbaum - ISRAEL

Ilian Arvelo - ITALY

Barbara Pecorelli - ITALY

Seo Miji - JAPAN

Mauricio Vega - MEXICO

Marisabel Bazan - PANAMA

Nadya Pestikova - RUSSIA


Miguel Angel Lopez - SPAIN

Julio César Osorio - UK

Karine Kischinhevsky - USA

Sal Sidner – USA

Urban artist "SERO" - USA

Cecilia Sánchez-Vegas – VENEZUELA

Alicia Rodriguez - VENEZUELA


Myriam Jawerbaum – ARGENTINA

Myriam is an Argentinian artist born in Buenos Aires in 1959. She graduated as an Architect at the University of Buenos Aires in 1983. Her artistic career was developed in the field of contemporary textile practices. Myriam artwork investigates the concept of otherness, hospitality, and the socio/cultural policies of its context. She currently works on her individual work and on interdisciplinary collective projects.

Gagik Vardanyan - ARMENIA

Gagik Vardanyan, GaGo was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1960. He graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1985. In 2017, after 20 years of living in Buenos, Argentina, he established residence in California. Inspired by the nature, and the cultural diversity, he created and continues to create some large series of modern abstract paintings.

Luna Rosa -BELGIUM

Virginia Hernández “Luna Rosa” is an international artist who lives in Belgium. She employs spatula to create geometric symbols describing a perpetual movement and symbolizing the cycles of the human transformation. Her canvases depict daily situations, emotions, and memories. Her colors embody her strength and oscillate between figurative and abstract styles to foment constant passion.

Roberta Brito – BRAZIL

Roberta Brito is a gallerist and artist born in 1966 in Recife, a town in the northeast region of Brazil. Roberta worked as an art dealer for over two decades in between Miami and Brazil. Roberta’s artworks style is described as pop abstract expressionism where portraits become the main subject of her art pieces. She started to create artworks to cope with her pain, stress and emotions after diagnosed with cancer. She currently lives and works as an artist in the USA.

Miroslava Zapryanova – BULGARIA

Miroslava was born in Bulgaria in 1987. She has successfully exhibited her artworks in many opportunities in Europe. Her passion for nature is expressed in her works mainly in oil and watercolor media. Her figurative artworks show her unique style that plays with the lights, shapes and colors. Miroslava has over 15 years of artistic investigation and experimentation.

Daniel Stanford – CANADA

Daniel Stanford is a painter and photographer based in Montreal, Canada. His works capture exotic locations and highlight natural beauty in a Zen-like mixed media style that is influenced by South East Asia. Daniel has exhibited his photography and unique collage artworks in galleries and art centers all over the world. He demonstrates a particular affinity for distance locations including deserts, Brazil and Southeast Asia sourcing his inspiration from travel, spirituality and nature.

Billy Monsalve Duffo - COLOMBIA

Billy Monsalve “MDUFFO” is an American artist with Colombian origins. He was born in USA in 1965 and currently lives in Miami. He studied fine arts at the school of “Bellas Artes” in Cartagena. His very distinct and individual realistic style has earned him a growing reputation in United States as well as in Latin America. Billy paints items as he sees them, always making full emphasis in the lights and shadows to create the perfect realism.

Odilia Mezquia – CUBA

Odilia is a talented artist who was born in Havana Cuba. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and began to interpretate the human figure with her own language. Odilia’s figurative artworks hold her spiritual insight with mixed techniques. She has successfully exhibited in more than 6 countries. Influenced by the surrealist and impressionist painting of the Masters, she has directed her painting along that path.

Xavier Portilla – ECUADOR

Xavier Portilla is an artist born in Ecuador in 1965. His paintings reflect a magical realism with unique bright colors and texture. All his paintings can be distinguished by the way in which reality and fantasy are blended. His work offers an aesthetic perspective of Andean culture and people. Portilla’s paintings have traveled the world, in exhibitions from Latin America, Asia to Europe, and the United States.

Annie Valat – FRANCE

Born in Béziers, Annie VALAT, better known under the pseudonym ANVAL, studied art in Languedoc. She settled on the Côte d'Azur where she continued to follow internships including watercolor internship with the painter Alain MARC. Annie has successfully exhibited in international salons in Nice, Cannes, Italy, California, United States. A futuristic painter, abstract lyrical, who puts her dreams on the canvas by dint of persuasion so that they become reality.

Nerissa Balland – GREECE

Nerissa Balland is a visual artist who uses symbols, shapes, patterns, and natural elements to communicate universal themes about protection. She has a strong desire to maintain a balance of technique and “the unlearned.” Extensively trained at Pratt Institute, Nerissa received an MFA in painting, a BA in studio art from the University of Maryland and studied Digital Design at the University of Copenhagen.

James Thegenus – HAITI

James Thegenus is an international artist who was born in Port au Prince Haiti in 1972. He was educated in between the United States and Haiti. He attended the Miami AD school in Miami Beach, Florida where he made his master’s degree as an Art Director in advertising and communication. James grew up in a very strong artistic environment and has exhibited his works in several art centers and galleries.

Angeline Straatman – HOLLAND

Angeline was born in Holland in 1959. When she was very young her family moved to Zimbabwe where they settled on a plantation, farming tobacco, sugarcane and cotton. She has spent many magical years exploring the globe, camera always in hand capturing the amazing art, diverse cultures and the talented people she has encountered in her travels. Angeline has lived in New York, Bangkok and Los Angeles, recently returning to New York.

Jose Ruiz – HONDURAS

José Ruíz is a Honduran artist, sculptor and muralist who has triumphed abroad with his art. He creates modern art pieces with a tendency to minimalism and pop styles. More than a decade ago he moved to Miami, United States. After many efforts and insatiable searches, he is already consecrated in the plastic arts. Ruiz uses bright colors in his artworks and religion as his inspiration. He has successfully exhibited his works in Europe, South and North America.

Antonius Kho – INDONESIA

Antonius is a talented artist who was born in 1958 at Klaten, Java, Indonesia. His works are mosaics of art and culture from his country, which is composed by a variety of arts, cultures and languages. He studied art in Germany majoring in glass paintings and textile art-tapestry. Antonius’ works is a synthesis between east and west using mosaic and textile art to create his masterpieces. A particular theme in his artwork is people with various techniques in mixed media.

Nurit Birnmaun – ISRAEL

Nurit is a talented artist who was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved at an early age to Venezuela. She studied sculpture modeling at the school of visual arts Cristobal Rojas and graduated as an architect from the Central University of Venezuela. Nurit currently works in her studio in Miami, Florida. She is represented in private art collections in England, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and U.S.A.

Ilian Arvelo – ITALY

Ilian Arvelo is a Italian/Venezuelan plastic artist, whose means of expression is through video art, happening and photography, she studied at the Arts Academy of Brera, Milano Italy. She participated several years in the collateral events of the Biennale of Venezia, her works have been exhibited in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, USA and Venezuela.

Barbara Pecorelli – ITALY

Barbara Pecorelli is an international artist/ sculptor who was born in 1992. She graduated in fine arts in US and studied different art techniques in Italy and Venezuela. She always felt the responsibility to benefit the community and the environment through her art, that is how she began to create pieces with recycled material. Barbara is currently working in a sustainable project using recycled materials under her concept and direction to create her masterpieces.

Seo Miji – JAPAN

Seo, Miji is an international artist based in Tokyo, Japan who was born in 1982 in Korea. She likes to express emotion, air, light, and energy on canvas with vivid color. She is particularly influenced by Japanese subcultures, especially Kawaii (“cute” in Japanese) culture. The girl in her artwork is a symbol of happiness and pure hope; it sends out positive energy to people. She will have a solo exhibition in Tokyo this December.

Mauricio Vega – MEXICO

Mauricio Garcia Vega known as artist Mauricio Vega studied plastic arts and design at the Free School of Art and Advertising from Mexico City; and at the AFHA Institute in Barcelona, Spain. He has participated in national and international biennials, obtaining important prizes and recognitions. His work is part of the collection in various national museums and in private collections.

Marisabel Bazan – PANAMA

Marisabel Bazan is a Panamanian artist living and working in Los Angeles, known for her colorful organic artwork and public commissions. A cross-disciplinary artist, Bazan employs painting, mixed-media, sculpture, video and interactive art to create bold, expressionist works, reflecting on topics and themes including mental-health, metamorphosis and the human spirit. She has repeatedly explored the butterfly symbol as a cultural motif in her artworks.

Nadya Pestikova – RUSSIA

Nadya Pestikova is an international artist who was born in Yekaterinburg, now based in Moscow, RF. Was studied in the Ural State University of Architecture and Art as a stylist, but then moved to Moscow and started to paint. The main topic of artworks is exploring human feelings and sensations through the body language, trying to express the mood without showing face. The heroes of most artworks are depicted with their backs or in another unusual angle.


Jee Yoon is a contemporary artist born in Korea in 1977. She graduated from Ehwa Woman's University, majored in Fiber Art and continued her artistic education in the US. She is comfortable working with Korean rice paper and silk thread in her mixed media art pieces. Her work is meant to create harmony and balance within two different cultures through art. Jee Yoon has exhibited her original artworks in galleries and fine art fairs in US, Asia and Colombia.

Miguel Angel Lopez – SPAIN

Miguel Angel Lopez Salazar was born in Gran Canarias-Spain in 1969. Salazar is an international painter and art instructor. He has participated in solo shows and group exhibitions in Belgium, Colombia, USA, Spain, France and Great Britain. Miguel has won several awards including the International City of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. His works are exhibited in public and private collections, and he has been commissioned to create portraits of relevant personalities of culture and politics.

Julio Cesar Osorio – UK

Julio Cesar Osorio is a self-taught painter who lives in the United Kingdom. Osorio was born in Colombia but moved to the UK in 1983 to join his father and have been based in London ever since. He has developed his own style by not having structures rules to follow with regards to colors. He feels free to create using his raw instinct. Osorio’s passion for painting emerged shortly after being sent to prison in 2012.

Sal Sidner – USA

Sal Sidner is an ecofeminist artist from United States who travels the world. Sal Sidner grew up in the UK and went to art school in Bristol - England, Florence - Italy, and later in Venice with New York University summer master in Studio Art Her work is a response to her experiences lived in the Central American forests. She creates inspiring murals, paintings, printmaking and installations. In Sal’s artworks magical connections occur and emerge in a symbolic form.

Enrique Cruz “Sero”– USA – Urban artist

“Sero” is an American artist born in Puerto Rico. While mastering all of histories art forms and techniques, a family member introduced him to the graffiti art back in 1978. Sero recalls that day as “the birth of his graffiti destiny”. Over thirty years later he continues influence the urban art movement with countless styles and innovative techniques in his murals and graffiti artworks. He currently lives and works as an urban artist in Miami

Karine Kischinhevsky – USA

Artist Karine Kischinhevsky is a Brazilian artist that lives in South Florida. Her interest in an artistic practice began when she was a young child. Karine uses her imagination and colorful palette to enrich her audience’s artistic experience and express her enchantment with life and her surroundings. She has exhibited her artworks in Europe, USA & Brazil. She paints in a figurative style incorporating natural elements and geometric forms.

Cecilia Sanchez Vegas – VENEZUELA

Cecilia is a Visual Artist, Sculptor, Art Professor and Musician, among her many other talents. She was born in Venezuela and had travelled the world with her art pieces. Mastering color, form, depth and technique, her collection reveals the magnificent hidden messages in life and creates a new realm bringing art pieces to life. With more than 30 years of experience, she's exhibited her work internationally in United States, Asia, Europe and South America.

Alicia Rodriguez – VENEZUELA

Alicia studied Fine Arts in the “Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas" in Venezuela. Her journey as an artist has guided her through a more than forty years path of exploration and self-reflection as a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist. Alicia paints, creates objects and installations. She rather uses materials that are meant to be discarded just before they become unwanted and dispose as garbage, especially fabrics. She has exhibited her artworks in Asia, America and USA


Biennale Wynwood Third edition virtual show will take place during Presidents Day weekend in February 2024. 

This third edition exhibition will be entirely a virtual show with online catalog. The admission committee reviews each application and will follow up with the artists who apply for Biennale Wynwood Third Edition. There is a limited number of artists accepted per country. The third edition exhibition artist registration fee is $250 LINK


Artists submitting artworks to this biannual virtual exhibition should be established artists, with an active career over a decade long. International background in the art industry and community involvement will be required.

Request an application after submitting the artist registration fee by email: [email protected]



Architects & Diplomatics Encounter 

Diplomatic event and talks on November 19th

Contemporary Art Conferences 

Art Talks by invited City representatives on November 19th

Video Film Installation

Video film installation and catalog presentation on November 16th