Artist applications for Biennale Wynwood SECOND EDITION have started by invitation. 

This year the Biennale Wynwood will take place at the end of 2022 taking place during fall as a virtual exhibition. It will have the same truism that in-person exhibitions hold with a plus online counterpart with their own unique spin of globalization.


The virtual exhibition and online catalog will be available to view on November 19th 2022. The admission committee will review each application and will follow up with the artists who apply for Biennale Wynwood 2022. There is no exhibition fee for artists accepted or invited to participate in the virtual show and online catalog for the Biennale Wynwoood Second Edition.

Steps to apply as an artist:

1- Kindly follow this "Application Fee" Payment Link  of $40 (This is the only fee that will be requested)

2- Email us after payment at [email protected] to request your application

3- Fill out with your application with proposal artworks and images


Artists submitting artworks to this biannual exhibition should be established artists, with an active career over a decade long. International background in the art industry and community involvement will be required as well . 



To receive your artist application form for the BIENNALE WYNWOOD 2022 please follow this application fee  link of one time $40 and  email us

We will send the blank application form to your email and once we receive back your completed application the admission committee will contact you. Artworks submission details and images in regards your participation proposal in this virtual exhibition must be included in your application form.  

Please take in consideration that in this exhibition there is a limited number of artists per participating countries.


Architects & Designers Encounter 

Design & Architecture talks

Contemporary Art Conference 

Modern Art Talks by invited artists

Video Film Installation

Video film interactive installations